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Renovations in Australia


According to the latest research report from Houzz, renovations in Australia have reached a significant milestone. In 2021, nearly half of homeowners (48%) decided to renovate their homes, resulting in a remarkable 43% increase in median renovation spend. This trend is expected to continue in 2022, with approximately 49% of homeowners planning renovations and a […]

How To Have Access To The Affordable Home Renovations In Sydney

The number of clients who are always in need of the home renovation services has been on the increase in the recent years. This is because people have been more interested in making their homes look beautiful and regularly require renovations thus. There are many companies that have been in the industry for a long […]

Solar Panels and Eco-Homes in Sydney

Australia has a pretty big market for solar energy and eco-friendly homes. Over the recent few years, this solar energy market has seen an upsurge and people are more interested in setting up solar panels in their houses. Solar panels are undoubtedly one of the most convenient forms of energy and they are a great […]

Sydney Home Automation Services Done By Experts

Sydney Home automation services is one of the most sought after modern technologies by the people in Australia. The demand for home automation has been all time high over the last few years and has seen remarkable success. You simply can’t deny the fact that modern technology has changed the lives of us and with […]

How Renovations Directory Can Help You With Sydney Home Renovations

Welcome to Renovations Directory, one of the best and the largest service providers’ directories in Australia. Renovations Directory’s main motive is helping you find the best and the most experienced home renovations contractors in Australia. We have been in this industry for a long period of time and for all these years, we have been […]

Remodel Your Home For A Complete New Look By Sydney Home Renovations Experts

Are you interested in home renovations? Do you want to remodel your home for a complete new look? Then why take a step back? Is it because you are tired of finding the best home renovations contractors to remodel your home for a complete new look? Well, worry not. Renovations Directory can help you to […]

Experienced Sydney Plumbing Contractors at your Service

Plumbing is one major aspect of every home that is too crucial to take care of. However, unfortunately, the truth is almost every household suffers through plumbing related concerns once a month nowadays. It might be even once a week. It’s too unpredictable to say and hence, a lot of care should be provided to […]

Hire Experienced Sydney Plumbers from Renovations Directory

Sydney PLumbers

Plumbing issues is such a concern that more or less every other household suffer at least once in a year or you could say more frequent at times. The most important aspect is that if you leave them unnoticed or ignore them in any way thinking you would get it done later, you are apparently […]