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Renovations in Australia


According to the latest research report from Houzz, renovations in Australia have reached a significant milestone. In 2021, nearly half of homeowners (48%) decided to renovate their homes, resulting in a remarkable 43% increase in median renovation spend. This trend is expected to continue in 2022, with approximately 49% of homeowners planning renovations and a […]

Top Notch Melbourne Home Renovations For You

Best Architects

Interested in top notch Melbourne home renovations for you? Well, we are here to help you in this regards. Home renovations is highly popular among the common individuals in Australia. With every passing day, the popularity is on the rise. Melbourne has got a big market for home renovations and is increasing with every day. […]

Where to Go For Any Replacement and Best Roofing services

ACRROOFING Providing You with the Best Roofing Services Ever ACR roofing is a company with over 40 years of best roofing services experience. The company specializes in commercial roofing. We offer a wide ranges of services including metal roofing, asbestos removal and replacement and polycarbonate roofing. ACR roofing provides you with the best plumbers and […]

Transforming Your Home Look and Feel with Feature Points Construction

Services offered by Feature Points Construction Company This is a Melbourne home renovations and construction company owned by Australia. It gives high quality services that please the client to the fullest. It does fits out for hospitality, retail and commercial sectors. The company mainly specializes in restaurant fit outs, office and cafe services. Other services […]

Hire The Best Eco Homes Experts in Melbourne

Have your heard about Eco Homes? Well, you must have heard of it considering the huge craze among people about eco homes. Eco homes is actually transforming your normal home into a eco-friendly home that reduces its carbon footprint amounts. If you are looking for the best eco homes experts in Melbourne, then look no […]

Melbourne Home Remodeling From Expert Contractors

Home renovations is the wisest option if you want to revamp the looks of your old home. We all like our homes to be beautiful and Melbourne home remodeling is just the best option. Melbourne is a beautiful city and so are the different homes in the city. Keeping this on mind, we always try […]

Hire the Best Architects and Designers in Australia

Best Architects

Looking for professional and the best architects and designers in Australia? Having a hard time finding reliable professionals who can get your job done with expertise and at affordable costs? Renovations Directory is the place where you should start searching for reliable, professional architect and designers. Serving thousands of people all across Australia, Renovations Directory […]

Why Melbourne Melbourne smart home renovations?

Home is always the best place for us where we want to live our lives freely. We never leave any stones unturned to ensure that it is equipped with the most comfortable, secure and better amenities. With the invention of modern technology, there has been many changes in our residential technology to keep us streamlined […]

Melbourne Home Automation Services

If you are a resident of Melbourne, then you must have heard of the unmatched Melbourne home automation services from Renovations Directory. Home automation is an innovative technology which has been ruling the smart technology market over the last few years. Home automation is a very convenient technology and is known to be extremely beneficial […]

Melbourne Bathroom Renovations from Market Experts

If you are in search of the best Bathroom renovations experts or specifically speaking, best Melbourne bathroom renovations contractors, Renovations Directory is the best place you could get help. Renovations Directory is one of the largest Australian directories that can help you connect with the best bathroom renovations experts to deliver you perfect renovations services. […]